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Week 1.... CHECK!

Hello Everyone,
I have officially completed my first week In Norway, Even though it feels like I've been here SO much longer. I think that is due to the fact that it already feels like one big family, which is a blessing.  I love it here, It's still an adjustment but I am very grateful that everyone is making it an easier one. I am definitely looking forward to what the Lord has in store...

Today i hung out with Bobbi Jo, who is the only other American here, even though she's lived here for over 6 years.

<------ Bobbi Jo
Anyways, She took me to what she calls "the naked statue park", I have no idea what the real name is, but it's ok..... "the naked statue park" will suffice
->   gate The gate to the park <---view from entrance

It was really beautiful! I love nature, well looking at it anyways... not the bugs!!!!!! The leaves were turning and it wasn't too cold so that was great. 
<--- some of the statues on the walkway

<---- the river

 I loved looking at the statues and the mood's that were portrayed by the artist. They all portrayed different stages and moments in life, mostly revolving around family and love, but there were also some really funny statues.

<----- such a great family shot!

<----- I LOVE this picture, i love the intimacy portrayed by the artist

The most well known is this statue of a little baby. I laughed so hard when i saw it and Bobbi Jo told me that people always steal the statue or vandalize it,which i have no idea HOW people actually walk away with the statue but hey, maybe that's just me.
  <---- the famous angry baby statue

Also in the center of all of the statues, and behind a gate, there is this huge tower of sculpted bodies , which could remind you of like a holocaust memorium but less creepy.
 <---- i thought this gate was kinda cool, under dressed but cool none the less

<----- closer shot
<------ view from the top by the tower

<----Random: but i love the color of the leaves

So all in all today was a good day, and I'm looking forward to my first normal week.... because we  had training week and didn't have school. Instead of going to school we stayed at the house and learned some of the songs, dances, and dramas that we will use when we start traveling in the spring, as well as during our street outreaches.
OHHHH and another fantastic part of the day was that I FINALLY GOT A CONVERTER, so i can use my curling iron! YEAH YEAH!!!!
that may seem insignificant to most, but to me it's close to christmas..... close :P

 <---- CHRISTMAS!!!! in the form of a converter


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