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Faithful To The END

Well i would like to begin by saying, that i serve an impossible God . His word is true and his promises will be kept. Despite every lie and attack from the enemy in regards to joining Jesus Revolution the Lord has blessed me and allowed me to be able to come. That is another testiony of how faithful the Lord is and how he comes to our rescue when we trust him and let him have control. It definitely was not easy, but look at where he has brought me. IM IN NORWAY!  Abba you are so incredible, and that was like the smallest glimpse of your love, imagine how much more you long to show yourself to me and all of your children. Thank you!WELCOME TO OSLO!!!!!!!!!

So today marks technically Day 4 in Norway. I left Atlanta on Wednesday at approximately 5:45 pm and arrived in oslo around 11:30am their time { about 6 hours ahead}.  I actually had to take to flights, one from  atlanta -> brussels, which the Lord blessed me and allowed me to fly first class even though i flew standby and didnt pay first class price. So that was incredible in itself! My second flight was about 2 hours long form Brussels--> Oslo.
When i got to the house everyone was so welcoming, and they kept telling me that they were happy that i was FINALLY here and that they prayed hard for me to be able to come. so that was incredibly heart warming. It definitely made me feel like that wanted me here, and made it easier to transition into such a different place. Let's just say i felt VERY AMERICAN right of the bat, but hey i guess thats normal considering Im not in america anymore. 

<---pics at the center

SO.... now i'll try to answer some questions that i know you guys are probably wondering about......

1. Where do i live
I live in "The Jesus House" . Yes that's what its called. It is this really old large building, with several rooms used for different ministries. The room i sleep in  I share with 11 other girls. We have 4 bunkbeds of  3. and i sleep on the very top, which is not bad except trying to get up and down it in the middle of the night. lol
Because there are so many of us in one room, there is very little space for our things. We each have a locker and a couple if shelves. Anything else that doesnt fit goes upstairs in the"attic"- which is more like a room not like our creepy attics. lol

<--- the courtyard at the house
<----- view from the girls room
<---random photography of house
<--- more random photography
<--- and more

2. How's the food?
So far the food is pretty good. the main difference is that they eat bread with every meal pretty much.... well actually bread is pretty much the meal most times. they only eat one hot meal a day... which is dinner. So for breakfast, lunch, and another meal after dinner called supper they have bread with various toppings available to put on it..... like ham, butter, cheese, cucumbers, red peppers, chocolate, peanut butter, jam, etc. {not all at once of course}

3. How is the weather?
It is pretty chilly. It rained today, which im sure will make it colder i'm sure. but so far the cold has been ok. not to bad, but definitely colder than home!

well that's all i can think of right now! I miss you all , and i will update this as often as i can. Please continue to to keep me in your prayers, and count on God's faithfulness! Till next time............

<3 Victoria


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