Beautiful Conquering Beloved

My Adventures in the Heart of my Heavenly Abba's Love

 Hello everyone,
I finally have time to update my blog! Sorry it has not been updated as much as i originally planned, who knew blogging took so much time and energy! Definitely not me! But anyways, I am back in oslo{ well actually I am currently in Dzierzoniow, Poland with my team} after being at home for an extra month and a half than was originally planned. Once again my faith in the Lord's promises was tested, and at times I failed but the Lord graciously lifted me up and set my feet back on solid rock. So now TOUR SEASON has officially begun for both Teams {Wallbreakers, and my team, Set Ablaze } The Wallbreakers left on thursday for Lillesand, Norway and will travel for the next 4 weeks straight around to Norway, Germany, Italy, and back to Germany before returning to Oslo. My team, Set Ablaze, left on Friday morning for Dzierzoniow, Poland  and we will travel to Rovik, Norway , next week and then return to the base for a training week then off to the Netherlands for a  large regional event!!!!  So that will be really cool! Well that is just a short  update. I will share some testimonies from last night a litte later ! God is good and he is moving!!!!! AMEN


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